Group Life Insurance

A wide variety of employee benefit protection plans to satisfy the needs of organizations of various sizes.

We have developed a variety of group life insurance solutions to address the need of organizations wishing to provide protection to their employees. An appropriate plan can be chosen to best respond to each organization’s needs.

In today’s business world, where competition is fierce and changes occur rapidly, people have to look for job security. The salary alone may not be effective enough to motivate employees who also take into their consideration fringe benefits and welfare, particularly those related to their illness, accidents or death. Organizations therefore need to shoulder the burden of paying for hospital bills or a large amount of money in case of death. Also, organizations find it impossible to expect when these events will occur and how much money will be involved.

Group life insurance is definitely an answer alleviating such burden. If you are interested in designing a group life insurance plan, please contact Allianz Ayudhya Customer Care Centre by calling 1373 or by filling in the online enquiry.

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